P.L. Wilkins Art Studio
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Under The Rose Tree ( C)
Conceptual Art
Dolly Lama
Saving Face
Singer Songwriter World (C) Lightin's Court
Vanishing Celebrity
Handy War Roll
A Steady Stream of Lawyers (K)
Goldfinger Does the Beach (G)
Bubba's World
Cocktail Party Clout
Cowboy Ho Hum
Border Patrol
Double Take (A)
Call of the Wild
Cow Girls Choice
Home on the Range
( P/O)
Lighting Hopkins House (F)
Camping with Tonto
Dreamer Under
the Moon (A)
Indian in the Clouds
Lawyer Overload (F)
Moon Over Cairo (A)
Who or What
is T.B. Bones (D)

Reflections of V. J.

Two Faces of
Magdelena (A)
Men With Guns (G)
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